Nestled among Brewers Creek and Chuckatuck Creek, you’ll find the busy bees at Horseshoe Point Honey, and I’m excited to tell you a little bit about them, and about local honey in general.

Many people know that local honey does wonders for allergy sufferers, and that the term “local honey” specifically refers to honey produced within a 50 mile radius of your home. At just 11 miles from The Main Gourmet’s door to theirs, Horseshoe Point Honey is the best local honey you’ll find!

Why local honey for allergies? The allergies we suffer are a reaction to the  vegetation and foliage that we are exposed to every day. Eating local honey works for many in the same way that vaccines do; a small exposure to the allergen creates a protection against the onslaught of those allergens as we go about our day.

Horseshoe Point Honey is a small, sustainable operation in Northeast Suffolk, certified by the VA Dept. of Agriculture. Beekeeper Dr. Sean Kenny and his wife Jan are the couple inside the bee suits, and they are “dedicated to raising bees in a natural and healthy way.” This means 100% pure raw honey: never processed, never heated, no chemicals or pesticides, and gently filtered with coarse mesh.

Only honey produced in this way is able to provide the myriad health benefits attested to for millennia. Honey is not just for allergy relief, but is also packed with vitamins and minerals; it is FDA approved for treating minor wounds and burns; and evidence is mounting that honey beats over-the-counter treatments for relief from cough and colds. I’d much rather take a spoonful of honey than a spoonful of cough medicine!

And who doesn’t love honey, just for the sake of its amazing flavor? I use honey on my cereal and ice cream, stir it into yogurt, spread it on bread and muffins, and I love adding honey to drinks and recipes.

Stop by for some Horseshoe Point Honey today. You’ll find it at The Main Gourmet, inside the Hamtown Mercantile. Open 7 Days a Week, Late Til 8!